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tucson tile and grount cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We use are powerful truck mounted extraction machine for this process also. It powers our high pressure spinning jet tool to clean and sanitize your tile and grout. Each grout joint gets pre-spayed and then hand scrubbed. We then use are spinning jet tool to go over every square inch of tile and grout to deep clean the dirt and oils away. We use 200-degree water and can adjust are pressure from 700 to 1100psi depending on types of tile.

Commerical Floor Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning commercial carpet... one of the most important things is to do a correct over lap with the carpet wand... we do an 80 percent overlap meaning we are cleaning the carpet in the heavy traffic areas 3 times to get all the ground in dirt and grime out of your carpet. Are carpet pre-spray is chemical and soap free...so there’s no harsh odors or dirt attracting residue left in the carpet. To speed up the drying process...we bring in powerful fans. We can also clean and seal vct tile.

tucson carpet cleaning 1

Carpet Cleaning

We specialize in ALL Green , soap free cleaning. There are no chemicals so it is safe for everyone including childern and pets. Our truckmounted high power car engine machine provides 230 degree water so we arent just cleaning but also santizing. We also use bigger vacuum hoses which removes about 30% more dirt than our competitors and they accelerate dry times. Along with the hot water and great suction we also use Rotovac technology on every job. This machine does 750 cleaning passes per minute which really works on those heavy traffic patterns and stains. We leave your house looking better than we arrived by protecting your walls with our corner guards and making sure everything is cleaned up.

Tucson stone cleanning

Stone Cleaning / Sealing

Depending on the type of Stone there are a variation of different processes to clean and seal them. We like to come out and take a look at your floor to explain the proper process and give a through estimate.

Tucson furniture cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

When it comes to furniture it’s important to clean all sides of every cushion... so we take all the cushions off the pieces of furniture that were cleaning and deep clean every side of every cushion. Are hot water and soap- free solution melt away tough dog oil, skin oil, and food spills with ease... leaving you with a brand new looking piece of furniture. This includes vehcile cleaning

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