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When it comes to cleaning commercial carpet... one of the most important things is to do a correct overlap with the carpet wand... we do an 80 percent overlap meaning we are cleaning the carpet in the heavy traffic areas 3 times to get all the ground-in dirt and grime out of your carpet. Our carpet pre-spray is chemical and there’s no harsh odors or dirt-attracting residue left in the carpet. To speed up the drying process...we bring in powerful fans. We can also clean and seal VCT tile.

Sea Breeze Floor Care can help you with your Commercial & Construction Floor Care - Offices, Rentals, Renovations, Remodels, and more.


You've just renovated your space. It looks beautiful, but the floor in the rest of your home was worn and torn with traffic during the work. We are happy to come in and help you clean the floors in the rest of your space.


Sometimes a remodel comes with a little unanticipated surprise. We are here to help when that happens.


We couldn't say it any better than a 5-star review of Sea Breeze from Google.

Sea Breeze Floor Care can help you with your Commercial & Construction Floor Care - Offices, Rentals, Renovations, Remodels, and more.


In the summer of 2018 we had our master suite remodeled. It was a 6 month journey and we were very pleased when the day of finish arrived. The job was completed with perfection. The next day as we began returning the furniture we noticed a dampness in the new carpet at the bedroom door. At first just thought it was nothing. By the next day the new carpet was soaked. Needless to say I was in a panic, how much damage is this water causing and what will we have to tear up. Our contractor immediately sent us a company for clean up and damage evaluation. That company is Sea Breeze Floor Care. .. Kristen (owner) contacted us immediately and came by to assess the damage... Sea Breeze owners Kristen & Jared are so customer focused I highly recommend this company for anyone who is in need for this service. Jared also found the source of the leak which was repaired and we have no more issues and a beautiful master bedroom suite. Thank you Sea Breeze for being my neighborhood floor & carpet care service. Regards, Connie & Bruce


"I've been a customer for three years, the crew is great!  I've had my tile floors, carpet, and furniture cleaned.  Sea Breeze always does a great job, on time, pleasant staff, affordable pricing.

Thank you!"

 - MJ Beck 
Google 5 star Review 08/07/19


"They do the best and efficient work I have ever had.

My carpets are always clean and beautiful after they come and very concerned about carpet care, clean up and on time.

Love them will never use any other company, Never.

— Lauri Sutherland
Google 5-star Review - March 2019
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